Peyton Manning still leads all quarterbacks in passing efficiency, adding 0.44 points above expectation per passing play. The top of the list is starting to look how we would expect, although with the noticeable absence of one Tom Brady. Cam Newton and company have been dominating inferior opponents the last three weeks and after a huge rushing performance in Week 8, he has now added over 50 points above expectation.

Another Bronco, Knowshon Moreno, still leads all running backs in terms of total efficiency added. He's doing it both on the ground (+14.71 NEP) and in the receiving game (+24.04 NEP). Andre Ellington, the Cardinals backup running back who is usually limited to about 30 snaps a game, has been extremely efficient, adding 0.30 points to the Cardinals offense on every rush.

Calvin Johnson vaults to the top of the receiving leaders after his absurd 329-yard game against the Cowboys. Megatron added over 23 points to the Lions offense on receptions just last week.

With Randall Cobb and James Jones out, Jordy Nelson continues to succeed as Aaron Rodgers' primary target. He has been maintaining an impressive 72.22% catch rate and adding 1.20 points to the Packers' offense per target.

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